13 DIY Bedroom Decorating Ideas

The bedroom in a home is arguably the most intimate space for its owners. It can be thought of as your home within the home, where you can be yourself in peace and quiet. Not surprisingly, a nicely appointed bedroom, one that matches the personality of its owner, plays a key role in rejuvenating you not just physically but also psychologically.

Given the importance and centrality of bedroom in your life, it is natural that you would decorate it in a fashion that reflects your personality. However, many people are put off due to the expense involved or assuming that their bedroom simply isn’t large enough to merit a transformation. Thankfully, neither is true. You not only do not need a large and fancy bedroom in order to decorate it, you can do so on a shoestring budget. All it takes a little knowledge and dedication.

5 timeless tips to transform your bedroom

  1. Furnish according to your taste and requirements: One of the key aspects of a modern bedroom design is the merger of form and functionality. It will not do to have a bedroom that compromises functionality in order to create a certain style. Similarly, a functional bedroom or one that caters to your morning and night time habits and routine, does not have to sacrifice style and decor. Whether you want a plush design or a rustic touch, opt for chairs, night stands, storage trunks etc according to your theme.
  1. Pay attention to color scheme and patterns: The possibility of mixing and matching when it comes to playing with color and pattern in your bedroom is immense. However, this is also an area where so many people get overwhelmed and trip up, creating a garish and uncoordinated look. To begin with, you should be clear that the goal is to create a unified look that brings together various different elements and colors. This means you should pay attention when choosing paint colors, bedding, accessories etc.
  1. Don’t forget window dressing: Windows are a unique focal point of any bedroom, serving both functional and aesthetic roles. First and foremost, you would have to decide about the appropriate tint for window glasses. As a rule of thumb, you would want to have adequate natural light permeating in your bedroom. Next, you should decide about the draperies – shutters, or roman shades, – in accordance with the overall layout of the room.
  1. Make use of mirrors: Besides their functional role, mirrors can add a glamorous touch to your bedroom. However, and especially for small bedrooms, mirrors can be used strategically, through reflecting outside views, to create a sense of space. For example, a tall mirror against the wall can create sense of depth.
  1. Make room for artwork: The artwork in your bedroom should speak of your mood, tastes, and preferences. In other words, they are an imprint of your personality on to the space around you. However, there are still certain ground rules you should follow when it comes to arranging your artwork. For example, you should choose shelves and frames carefully that go well with your bedroom’s other finishes. As a rule of thumb, you should look to arrange them so that the artwork mirror the shape of furniture on which they stand.

These decorating ideas for your bedroom do not call for any expensive overhaul that would pinch your wallet. In fact, you can carry out these changes in a piecemeal fashion over a period of time, let us say 6 months, so you wouldn’t feel the pinch at all. However, at the end of 6 months, you would be astonished with the transformation your bedroom would have undergone, both in terms of functionality and looks.