16 Beautiful Pine Bedroom Furniture Ideas

If you have a vision of what you’d like your bedroom to look like and you know that pine furniture is a part of it, it’s simple to find great furniture to complement your living area. There is a wide range of furniture, and as a softer wood, pine furniture is easy to place in the way that best complements your ideal bedroom space. Pinewood is a flexible material to create bedroom furniture from and comes in several finishes such as: waxed, oiled, untreated, or varnished.

To determine which type of pine bedroom furniture best compliments your home, it’s best to start by planning out the atmosphere you’re trying to create. For more of a country feel, painted pine furniture is best. There are a number of rustic solid pine options, including those with black hinges and trims. These complement country-style bedrooms quite well. If you’d simply like to create a soft, warm, earthy environment for your bedroom, you can choose vivid tones in an unfinished varnish to provide the sense of being in a woody, earth-based, natural environment.

Now pine bedroom furniture comes in a number of styles. Generally, you’ll buy it as a set, which includes bedside tables, a bed, a dresser, and other pieces. Getting a set is a great idea because matching pieces help to give your room a more polished and planned look. However, if you’re on a budget and need to only get a few select pieces, you can buy them individually as well.  

The great thing about pine furniture is that it easily accompanies other types of furniture quite well, providing a distinctive, natural look.  

Being sustainable, eco-friendly, and affordable, pine bedroom furniture provides a gentle glow in your bedroom thanks to its ability to reflect light. Pine furniture also lasts a lot longer than plywood or fiberboard. Pine furniture typically lasts for decades or even longer if it is properly taken care of and finished. Picking out the best furniture will be an investment that lasts you for the rest of your life. Additionally, your kids will probably be seeing or maybe inheriting this furniture, making it an important purchase that becomes a family heirloom.  

Additional options include log style, rustic furniture, or sunburst heads and foot boards, or even carved southwest scenes on a beautiful four poster style bed. You may also opt to pick a bedroom set that has been crafted from reclaimed wood, lending a sense of history and warmth to the bedroom.  

Add a few coordinated curtains, bedding accessories, and rugs that complement the green, brown, and dark red shades that are naturally part of pine furniture. Used often in southwestern-style furnishings, pine provides a beautiful, cozy look and generates a gentle pine aroma that fills your room.

Be sure you select a high-end pine set that leaves out any knots in the furniture, unless you’re aiming for that in your specific design. And of course, pine is very complementary with any other type of furniture, which is one reason it is so popular. It’s a great choice for the master bedroom, your child’s bedroom, or even the guest bedroom of your house.