21 Kitchens With Dark Cabinets


Anything in our world associated with darkness is usually looked upon in a negative way. Things like a dark mindset or ‘the dark side’ are considered to be something bad. When we speak of interior design, dark colors also are looked upon in a bad light, that is if you do not use them correctly. Creating a bold looking kitchen can be achieved with black, dark greens, browns, and blues. It is all in the accents you place around them to enhance the colors.

Time to Brighten Up

The best way to compliment a kitchen with dark cabinets is by introducing bright colors. Country homes and cottages tend to have multiple color accents and an eclectic style of decorating. Dark cabinets in this style of architecture stand out in kitchens that possess bright countertops and striking shades used in the doorways and on the windows.

Keeping with a theme is another great way to enhance dark cabinets. A vintage countertop combined with a select few primary tones and possibly a nice selection of neutral tones will make your dark cabinets pop.

Click the button below to view our gallery of 21 kitchens with dark cabinets.  Make sure you check out how they all kept to the same theme and even though they had dark cabinets, they still brought “light” into the room.